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Job Seekers: Are you an airline pilot looking for employment? Do you require a professional cv/resume and cover letter, or would you benefit from posting it in our employers section? Would you benefit from personal advice on interview and simulator assessment? Would you like to practice your interview technique online? As a final essential step to get your job; do you need to arrange a full motion simulator assessment practice? See our Services section for full details and charges.

Through a partner company, we can now offer you fantastic online interview preparation. This will most certainly put you ahead of your competition. By subscribing to a 6 month licence here, we will offer additional free support.

If you "fail to prepare" a professional cv, or for your recruitment process, you should "prepare to fail" to get that phone call or at your dream job interview. See our Services section to give yourself the best chances to find employment in this very specialised, competitive and demanding industry

Airline Pilot Jobs

Employers: If you are an airline or contract hire company who needs a pilot with specific qualifications for a position within your company, please go to the Employer section and you can navigate through all the posted CVs free of charge. When you find someone suitable for a particular role, please email us directly and we can provide further information. We provide a very personal and professional service which is run by a small team that know exactly what you require.

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Airline Pilot Careers

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FREE resources: Find everything from what you require to get a licence, which companies are recruiting and comparisons of factors such as salary, rosters and fleets of many airlines. You can also go to our services section and obtain a large JAR-FCL question bank. You will also find links and contact information for many airlines and associated companies by browsing through this site. If you prefer, contact us for advice about any aspect of an airline pilot's career.

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Simulator assessment practice: It is essential in todays airline recruitment process that you demonstrate a good level of flying skill before being offered a job. Give yourself the best chance by hiring a full motion simulator for a couple of hours on the type that you will do your test. A personal instructor can offer you advice on where best to concentrate your efforts and go through the profile that you will expect on the day. You will be up against other candidates who may have had this opportunity. Sharing the session with a colleague is a great idea and this really is money well spent. Availability can be limited.


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Feedback from previous clients

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Services: We use professional pilots and recruitment people to tailor a package that suits you as a job seeker or employer.  We can also offer an expert witness service or any form of aviation consultancy on request. Contact us and we look forward to being of service to you.

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Advertising: If you are interested in affiliation, advertising or a partner link on the Future Airline Pilot website, please contact us directly and we will tailor a package to suit your requirements. This may include specific job posting or linking such as here.

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